Ama design

ama is a Glasgow based design studio with a focus on simple, understated homeware and lifestyle products. ama was founded by designer Anna Manfield whose love for Scandinvian and Japanese design inspired her to introduce products to the market that are sculptural, organic and easy to live with. ama objects are designed to promote rest, with a beleif that the objects we choose to surround ourselves with play a key role in our lives and wellbeing. 

About me:

I am a designer from York with a degree in Decorative Arts from Nottingham Trent University and experience in design, fabrication, shop design, and merchandising. At university, I experimented with many materials and disciplines and fell in love with woodturning. Wood as a material has always been something I have gravitated towards following two generations of craftsmen in my family. 

In a world where objects are often disposable, I am passionate about creating timeless pieces that will last, to be handed down through generations.